The Storeminator - product comparison plugin for Wordpress

I wrote this plugin 3 years ago…

It was so powerful that I kept it to myself!

I got inspired to write the Storeminator WordPress price comparison plugin a few years back because there was nothing out there that could do the job. Realising what an awesome weapon I had in my hands I kept it to myself, only using it on my own sites!

But now I am ready to let other affiliate marketers use this too.

The thing is though, I don’t think I really need to spend a lot of time persuading you! If you are an affiliate marketer and/or build review sites, then you will recognise just how powerful this plugin is!

In fact I will still consider shutting this down if it gets out of hand: I want to support this product properly, and I also want this to be a more exclusive club – I still don’t want it out there on every site.

So what’s the Storeminator all about?

Well, I put together this short video:

If you don’t like watching videos, here’s how it works: the Storeminator lets you place a price comparison listing in your WordPress content that looks just like the ones you see on the big-name review sites. The listings allow you to earn money from affiliate commissions, and plugins are currently available for Amazon®, eBay® and now also Commission Junction® (all included in the basic package).

I don’t think there’s never been a plugin quite like it.

This is what it looks like embedded in a product review page:

YES, a price comparison listing, just like on the big-name review sites!

And get this:

  • it’s ALL hosted on your own site
  • no Javascript – flat, SEO-friendly HTML
  • no paying for third-party services
  • listings created on-the-fly from retailers’ web services

If you want to see the plugin in action there is a live demo site here:

There is also a more in-depth introduction video you can watch here to see how it works.

That’s it – no more convincing. If you run affiliate sites then I think you will have seen what a powerful tool this is, and you don’t need me to talk about it for another 10 pages.

(However if you do want more information, there is a FAQ here.

You can choose from a single-site licence for $47 or a multi-site licence for $67.

A developer option is not available for now. There is no option to upgrade later other than by buying a new licence, and for the VERY low price of the multi-site licence you will be able to install the Storeminator on as many sites as you like!

Single-site licence – $37:

Multi-site licence – $47 (recommended):

(there will be further steps to confirm your purchase)

You need to know that of the few similar plugins out there, one costs 79 GBP ($100 USD!), PLUS you have to pay at least 3.99 per month subscription to use their “scraping service”!

The Storeminator is a one-off payment, and there will be NO recurring fees!

Once you have paid, within a few minutes you will receive some emails with instructions on how to download – access will be immediate, as soon as you log into the download page.

If you have any question before you buy, and they are not answered in the FAQ, then please contact support here and I can answer your queries.


To run Storeminator you need to have:

  • some basic knowledge of how to set up and run a WordPress site
  • a site on decent hosting running the latest version of WordPress, on PHP5 or 6 (PHP7 currently not supported)
  • an affiliate account with Amazon® (in whatever country you want to use – .com and are currently supported, others should work too but I cannot guarantee it) – you will also need to sign up for the Amazon® API (explained in the docs).
  • an affiliate account with eBay Partner Network® – or an account with Skimlinks® that gives you access to EPN. You will also need an eBay® Developer ID (explained in the docs).
  • a Commission Junction® affiliate account if you want to use that plugin too. You will also have to sign up for a CJ® Developer Key (explained).

Support will be provided to help you set up, if necessary, but we can’t teach you how to make websites, just how to get the Storeminator plugin working. If you are not satisfied in any way you are welcome to a no-questions-asked full refund within 30 days – but please don’t give up straight away, it takes TIME to master a powerful tool!

Please just remember, the Storeminator is just that – a TOOL – not some “get rich quick” product. If you are not prepared to spend a little time learning its ins and outs, then maybe it’s not for you.

Single-site licence – $37:

Multi-site licence – $47 (recommended):

(there will be further steps to confirm your purchase)

** The plugin is still fairly new – I have tested it extensively for several YEARS now while it has been in development, it is fully-functional, I have it on sites of my own and I believe that all major issues have been dealt with by now. However, early adopters should be prepared for possible teething troubles, which I will be on top of very very quickly – consider it a small price to pay for being part of a VERY exclusive club! ALL newly-released plugins have these issues – the difference is I will tell you up front, and I won’t disappear after a month without having resolved them.

DISCLAIMERS: Regarding earnings, potential, real, projected, predicted or otherwise – Storeminator is not some “get rich quick” product, it is a TOOL and your success will depend entirely on how you use it. No claims are made in this regard. eBay®, Amazon®, Commission Junction® and other trademarks are the property of their respective owners and no endorsement or relationship is implied. While every care has been taken with the development of this product, no responsibility can be taken for damage or loss to self or third parties arising from its use or misuse. Please always back up valuable data.

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