The Storeminator - product comparison plugin for Wordpress


About me

I am Mark Daniels, the author of the Storeminator product comparison plugin for WordPress. I am also the author of the Wordbay eBay plugin, the predecessor to this plugin (still maintained and updated as needed). Even though it’s not actually my main profession I have been programming on-and-off since the Sinclair and Commodore days, and started writing Wordbay after a random discussion on an IM forum, and after I happened to read a short guide on PHP programming that came with a computer mag I read and thought “That looks simple enough”.

The Storeminator is an idea that I have been toying with for years, and writing for the last couple of years (on and off, due to babies coming along etc.) – I just figured, “Why has no-one done this before? I should write that”.

About this site

This site is mostly here to provide info and a storefront for the Storeminator plugin, but in the future I will consider adding a forum, and possibly a blog, if needs be.

Author: Mark Daniels

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